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Statistics From The Organ

These stats are generated by the program that builds the database. Due to the first ever update totally overwhelming my primitive code, the statistic generator is now totally rewritten. On top of that I noticed a bug in the new streamlined code, that was effectively making words up. So, after rewriting the rewritten routines I can proudly boast that the average word is now 3.916571 letters long.

I thank you.

For die hard number crunchers and people sadder than I (like there can be any after that), here's the Excel table of the words and their frequency.

Nice graphs appreciated.

(no graphs as yet)

words.xls (175Kb)

Gathered from the last build of the Lyrics Organ

Build Date: 14/07/02
Songs in the Organ: 88
Total words in the Organ: 19,263
Total unique words in the Organ: 2,782

Top 5 Cardiacs Words


No changes in the top five at the end of Phase I.

Christ this is exciting.

The topmost placed interesting word is...

LIFE with 76.

Sadly, due to severe MAFF restrictions, this Organ can no longer brutalise bovines in the way it once did. However, here's one we made earlier...

Call that a cow? Looks more like bull to me!

That's a nice big Organ, can I stroke it?

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