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There's two reasons why this exists. The first is because I could never remember the words to "Home Of Fadeless Splendour" (so why isn't it in the Organ yet?), the second is because I was tired of destroying CD jewel case after jewel case carting my CD's to and from work.

So I started taking MP3's of my favourites and keeping a note of the words for reference. When I got so many that I couldn't actually find the one I wanted anymore I knew action was needed, and this is the result.

Late nights, frustration, and lots and lots of beer have finally born fruit.

The database is compiled from all those original text files by a program that scans and reduces the source, writes the search database and produces the statistics. It needs some refining, so the results aren't perfect. Just drop punctuation (except for apostrophes) and you should be fine, it doesn't do any fancy things, it just finds words (unless you're using Netscape or Opera, in which case it doesn't even do that).

Incidentally all the track lists and versions have come from the CD reissues, for no other reason than that's all I have. Of course if anybody wants to send me all their old Cardiacs vinyl...

If I've missed something because of this give me a shout and I'll put it right. I'm also keen to get EPs, B-sides and maybe the offshoot projects (Spratleys Japs, Mr & Mrs Smith etc.) included at some point as well. Any help you glorious people can offer would be appreciated.

And finally - a firm and manly handshake goes out to the one and only Tim Smith and his merry band of evil minstrels past and present. His music warms my heart and scares my friends in equal measures, and on top of all that he's a top punter - cheers Tim.

Martyn Hemming, 2001

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